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Jonathan Li instruments are crafted of the most select, stunning flamed maple back with the straight medium-grain spruce top.  A refined, golden colored oil varnish enhances the tonal quality of this instrument.  Each instrument is meticulously calibrated for optimum sound production.  The fittings are boxed wood with a light colored wood trim.

Raul Emiliani are Eastman Strings top-of-the-line instruments.  After bieng constructed in their master wrokshop in Beijing, they are then shipped to the United States where a master luthier applies a translucent amber oil varnish. The influence of the great Golden Age Italian makers can be seen in the slightly antiqued appearance and detailed craftsmanship of these instruments.  This Raul Emiliani instrument comes with a Certificate of Provenance signed by the supervising luthier.  


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*Master Series



*Master Series

Rudoulf Doetsch

*Master Series



*Master Series
















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Rudoulf Doetsch instruments are made in the time-honored workshop tradition by a collaboration of family workshops in the small town of Erlangem Germany.  Necks, scrolls, ribs, tops and backs are each carved by specialists in thier home workshops and are assembled into instruments in the main workshop.  The instruments are then sent to the Eastman Strings workshop where specialists expertly adjust them for optimal response, tone and playability.  Then the signature Rudoulf Doetsch shaded antique-style spirit varnish is hand-applied.

Albert Nebel instruments, like the Rudoulf Doetsch model, are crafted in Germany using  the time-honored workshop tradition.  These instruments are crafted from aged European tonewoods and are varnished by hand in the Eastman Strings workshop.  

Albert Nebel cello front Albert Nebel cello back rudoulf doetsch cello rudoulf doetsch cello back Jonathan Li cello Jonathan Li cello back Raul Emiliai cello Raul Emiliai cello back

*Master Series

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